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The next song to be released is called Illusions

More information soon


Last release the very commercial pop song...

"Early Bird"

Which features and was composed around the drums of Mick Fleetwood. {Fleetwood Mac}

Yes it did get on the radio a couple times but this tune deserves a lot more.

This is a pop crossover tune which included elements of

Ppo, Rock, Folk, Country all this commercial potential, and still sounding uniquely Luke Fictitious!

But a very important and overlooked thing here...

Is that early challenges us to consider that a birds chirping may be serious

rather than just happy all the time.

Just because they did not get a college degree does not mean they are not serious or correct in what they have to say.

I would even put forth the notion that what they are communicating is likely to be more honest than what a polictitian would have to say.

There for this tune should have have mass global appeal!


Near the begining of the Pandemic 3 songs were made available to radio stations

 by download and CD these included

Mountains Thirty six and four fifths percent fanciful, Electric Wave and The Hidden Princess.

Although Mountains and Electric Wave did get a couple plays this promotion really deserved more attention.


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How much I invest into promotion after already investing so much into  recording is likely to be limited.

By the time I've finished writing, recording, mixing and mastering it's time I should be working on a new song.

And hopefully create a song or video that people enjoy enough to want to pay for and let other people hear.

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