The best way to listen to music in my opinion is CD or surround sound DVD,

But there can be a long wait between Luke Fictitious CD releases.

Some Songs are currently available for purchasing from itunes  and most other online shops.

These are most often mp3s with a bitrate of 320 This is high quality even if the quality is a little shy of a CD.

What is often missing for the listener is a hi-fi stereo.

What many people don't realize is they might be able to experience some wonderful sound quality using very good HEADPHONES,

not earbuds even with thier mobile phone or potable MP3 player.

However most of these devices are not powerful enough for the very best high end headphones.

Still very desirable results can be obtained with medium priced units,

over a hundred dollars, euro, pounds for example.

Streaming on spotify is compromised {that is the Mp3s that are streaming are not at a 320bit rate but 192bitrate which is good but not great. experience using the free service however is a way to preview the music before you purchase a CD.

That being said "Fictitious Optimism" on spotify.

This is because all the songs are being reworked for the "Second coming of Fictitious Optimism"

There will likey be small upgrades for the next CD release like small re-mixing and small remastering tweaks. 

Here is the Spotify page.

Spotify currently is not strong enough support for musicians.

 I hope this will change for the better in the future.

 For example it can take ten thousand mostly premium subscription streams

to make enough for one set of the VERY GOOD guitar strings.

Fans need to see acts live or purchase CDs or Vinyl or support through donations.

Thank you for your consideration.



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