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 Please let me know if you would like to play a Luke Fictitious song

On your TV station, radio station or podcast.

 Full quality audio and video can be provided.

I'll provide a link to your site if you wish

{and program the song is featured on.}

If I know....

The Just Run video is now available on youtube.

There is a short and a long version.

Click Here!

3 Songs currently available to purchase on itunes!

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There are several other digital distribution outlets if you have another favorite.

*****A special thanks for broadcasters support*****

The Sunday alternative podcast.

Jackson Cooper

 Listen again to old shows and interviews on mixcloud

Skope Radio

Journey To Tomorrow!

Way Out Radio's seminal new music programme, broadcast live on Wednesday evenings 19:00 -21:00

Way Out Radio.

The Shift Music radio station.

I have also tried one other free service and one other paid service.

How much I invest after already investing loads of time and cash into recording is highly likely to remain limited.

I might understand my music really is a unique and an original artistic experience but...

By the time I've finished writing, recording, mixing and mastering it's time I should be working on a new song.

And hopefully create a song or video that other people want to pay for and push.

Submitting my music to the channels has given me an insight to where some of the better music is.

Music that is not just a fabrication but has a chance of being outside a formula.

The major labels currently appear to be only very strictly concerned with listening to a hit.

This leaves a gaping hole the independent radio stations can fill and fans of the RADIO STATIONS not the bands or musicians

can provide a source of pleasure, enlightenment, insight, art, feeling and life by maintaining a quality program and growing their audience.

The world is waiting for you it just might take a few years for them to get around to hearing you.

Or maybe not.

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